Kanna Masatani born and raised in Japan, initiated her career as a hair designer while working as a stylist at an upscale hair salon in Tokyo. Currently based in New York City since 2000. It is there where she found the inspiration that would eventually mold her into the respected hair designer that she has undoubtedly become today.


As one of the primary assistants to world renown hair stylist Orlando Pita and Guido Palau. Kanna has taken the lessons learned to heart and uniquely infused them together with her own distinctive style of hair design.       The results led to the creation an artist who is, not only known for being a risk taker, but a hair designer whose creations have earned her the praises and trust of her peers and clients alike.

Proficient on many styles of haircut and design, Kanna added to her repertoire of skills by learning the dry-cutting technique. She also taps into her rich creative background and draws inspiration from various elements of fashion design, all of which gives her a distinctive and versatile prospective on her styling. Kanna pulls from these experiences thus creating a style in hair design that is uniquely her own.

In the end, Kanna Masatani has become best known and admired for her passion and respect for the art of detail and precision. She has an innate ability to add volume and create textured looks that are easy to maintain at home. Her edgy effortless adaptable haircuts complement each client’s personal style that in the end leaves them feeling fresh, confident and fulfilled-all the while displaying a calm and friendly disposition that keeps them coming back for more.

Valuable experience and contributions to numerous runway shows and campaigns for top fashion designers such as: Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Oscar De Renta and Michael Kors, just to name a few.

Katie Q is a celebrity hair stylist and colorist who has worked with some of today’s most high-profile and notable celebrities including: Hailey Baldwin, Zac Efron, Justin beiber, model Carolina Forsling, fashion blogger Christina Caradona and countless other young Hollywood Stars.


Her work has also been featured in top magazines such as, Grazia, ELLE, GW and more. She now calls Salon Privé in the Sherry Netherland Hotel home.

Originally from Bondi Beach, Australia, Katy spends her time between New York, Miami and Nashville. She currently lives in Manhattan with her husband Kade and young daughter.

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Li Murillo – This native New Yorker has lived the life of an artist. A dreamer, she sees beauty everywhere. She is influenced by classic timeless looks that filter through the gritty years spent living life on the streets of New York City. She uses all the years spent directing and producing theater to inform her vision enabling her to create emotionally moving looks that inspire and excite the wearer.

She is happy to be in demand during New York Fashion Week

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